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Cat Lovers Unite!

In an effort to bring you more good stuff that will bring you back for more every single day, crying and begging that I post something else to fuel your desire for the silly antics of a hapless fool (me), I think I will begin seasoning this blog with some quicker posts.

As you may have heard, I have recently purchased a Flip video camera.  This should sufficiently add to the output of the Kyle Baxter Project, and require slightly less reading.

As my first posting with my brand-new Flip, I bring you my cats in action (or, more likely, my cats’ inaction).  I personally recommend sending this video to everyone in your family who likes cats.  Or, if you have any family members you don’t like who hate cats, I would suggest that you send this to them as well.  For your convenience, I will now include this link for e-mail copy-and-paste ease.


This video is broken into 4 chapters, and covers much of the crazy stuff my cats do all day.  Again, Louie is the big black cat, and Rocco is the midget striped cat.

Now wasn’t that fun?  I look forward to posting a ton more videos in the future.  Check back often for the latest and greatest goings-on in my life!

  1. May 6, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    So, you’re basically telling me I learned to read for nothing… crap! Cool cats by the way. They make me really want a cat agian for myself.

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