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T-Shirt Ordering Info


I want to order the first (and so far, only) round of Kyle Baxter Project t-shirts in 2 weeks. That’s Sunday, March 8th. I need your help in streamlining this process!

Your final cost for the tees will be $10, regardless of size or style. This simplifies it for everyone and covers shipping. Since I, despite my best attempts, am still not made of money, this will be a pre-pay situation. When I order on or around March 8th, I will order shirts for which I have received $10 each.

Now on to the good news! You will have your choice of styles and colors! Your color options (as I control them) are “Brown shirt/Green logo” and “Pink shirt/White logo”.  Of course, the logo can be seen in a previous post titled, “Vote for the New KBP T-Shirt Slogan!”  It’s awesome!  The shirts will now include the winning slogan!

To see what the shirt styles look like, go to http://www.vgkids.com. On the left, click “shirts”. From there, you can click on different tabs (Unisex or Women) to look at the style you want. For simplicity’s sake, I have limited the choices to 3 styles.

Unisex, AmerApp2001X–Does not come in pink, perfect for guys who like a little more form-fitting shirt. Brown shirt/green logo only. Comes in Adult Small-XXXL.

Women, AmerApp2102X–You can get it in Pink or Brown. These shirts are a more youthful style, form-fitting, as you will see on the website. In my experience buying from this company, the American Apparel Women’s shirts run small, and you might want to buy a size larger than you normally wear. It’s up to you. Sizes Adult Small-XL.

Unisex, Unisex Plain Tees–These are really comfortable, come in Pink or Brown, and are perfect for anyone who prefers a more relaxed fit, guy or gal. They are sized very accurately, doesn’t seem to run too large or small. Sized Youth Large to Adult XXXXL.

I am now taking orders!!! Simply e-mail me at kylebaxterproject@yahoo.com, and give me your t-shirt order (ordering multiple shirts is welcome and encouraged). That should include (for each shirt):

-Style (Unisex Plain Tee, Unisex 2001, Women 2102)
-Color (Brown or pink)
-Size (may vary, depending on style)

I will be compiling an Excel spreadsheet that will help me keep it organized by name, style, color, size, paid/unpaid, etc.


If you live in town, and would see me at work or church, please pay in person by check or cash. $10 per shirt. I would prefer not to take orders in person, if at all avoidable. Please e-mail orders. If you live in town, but would not see me at work or church, e-mail me, and we can arrange for payment and pickup of final delivered goods. If you live out of town and don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, please e-mail me, and we can work something out for payment and delivery.

You have until march 8th to get ordered and paid! Thanks, everybody! I know this is going to be HUGE! Make sure all your friends know so they won’t miss out. That’s 2 weeks from now!  Make sure to tell all your friends about this awesome chance to be a part of history!  Own a custom shirt you won’t find in any store!

Make sure to ask everyone in your family (young or old) if they want shirts.  Remind everyone who might be interested in a shirt to act quickly so they don’t get left behind!  Again, e-mail orders to kylebaxterproject@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading, and I can hardly wait to receive your order (and $10/shirt)!  MARCH 8TH!!!

UPDATE: Here are basic representations of what the shirts would look like.  The final product will have greater detail and the slogan inserted into that empty space in the middle.  These pictures are only to give you an idea of what they might look like.  The shirt styles will also be different, as I made these on a different site than we are printing the shirts.  But you get the idea!


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